The Clubhouse Presents It's all about ME

News | 13.04.2022

The Clubhouse Presents: It’s all about ME

Employee experience – everyone’s talking about it but what does it really mean? And how can we really shape it to make better days? Join us for ‘The Clubhouse Presents: It’s all about ME’ to find out.

About this event

Employee experience isn’t designed for people…There, we said it.

We’re flipping the traditional view of EX on its head, taking a fresh look through the eyes of an employee in ‘The Clubhouse Presents: It’s all about ME’.

Hire to retire, the employee lifecycle, High Performing EX, the list goes on…We’re spoiled for choice with employee experience models and definitions. But there’s one thing missing from all of them: the employee and their everyday experiences of work.

In this 30-minute session, our culture specialist – JVH – will reframe the way we think about employee experience by putting ‘me’ at the heart of it.

We’ll explore The Culture Club‘s new employee experience tool that helps you to understand, approach and measure your employee experience in a human way.

You’ll leave with a new perspective on employee experience and a simple model to test in your organisation right away.

Who is ‘It’s all about ME’ for?

This event is for you if you work in-house in an internal comms, HR or company culture role and are interested in the employee experience.

Warning: If you’re not prepared to have your current idea of EX shifted, this session is not for you!

When and where

The Clubhouse Presents: It’s all about ME is a 30-minute Zoom event. We’re running 2 sessions:

**This event is for HR/IC and company culture practitioners only.**

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