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The company culture specialists who make better days

We believe that company culture is what sets your organisation apart. It’s your heart, your soul, your pulse, your buzz. That’s why our team of company culture specialists and experts will work with you to inspire, engage and bring about more brilliance in your people.

Meet the team…

The Culture Club Nikki Burslam

Nikki Burslam – Founder & culture specialist

Nikki knows her stuff when it comes to all things company culture. A geek at heart, you’ll often hear Nikki talking about redaction, laddering, and culture mapping, (she’s the brains behind The Clubhouse).

Nikki started the Culture Club as a breath of fresh air away from corporate bullsh*t, and clients love her no-nonsense approach to making people and businesses more brilliant. She has a knack for making sense of complicated things, which is impressive… and quietly irritating to the rest of us mere mortals.

Nikki has a phobia of fish, used to be a ten-pin bowler, and was once given a cheque for £4.60 for outstanding academic achievement.

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The Culture Club Jodi Speight

Jodi Speight – Founder & relationship director

Full of beans and happiest arm-waving in front of a flip chart, our relationship director Jodi is clear-headed, energetic and bursting with brilliant ideas.

As a people-person, Jodi has an in-depth understanding of people and how to motivate them, which makes her highly in demand with our clients. She’s the best possible person to get your people engaged and inspired, loves to fix a problem and will crack on and get the job done.

With a lifelong ambition to be a Blue Peter presenter, Jodi doesn’t enjoy tea or coffee (but makes up for it in hot chocolate) and can be found most mornings out on a run.

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About the Culture Club hero_Heather Ratcliffe

Heather Ratcliffe – Culture specialist

There’s nothing Heather loves more than getting stuck into a comms plan or an event, always managing to inject fun no matter the task.

Don’t be fooled by her glam exterior, she may look like the next housewife of Cheshire but she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to culture strategy. Heather is super on it, ready to put clients at ease and talk through the details.

A cocktail extraordinaire who loves to get active (12k a steps a day, minimum), you’ll often find Heather walking in the countryside, up a mountain, or in a Maccy D’s with a fillet-o-fish after a night out.

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About the Culture Club hero_Kirsty Phillips

Kirsty Phillips – Head of community & marketing

Kirsty is our head of community and marketing – and is the source of the methods behind all The Culture Club madness!

Kirsty makes sure we’re set up in the best way possible to do great things with our clubbers, clients and community. An obsessive problem solver and big fan of getting stuff done, she’s busy managing our brand and marketing, planning all of our events and looking after our members of The Clubhouse.

When she’s not at her desk, you can find her propagating plants, mixing potent cocktails or exploring the latest food spots Bristol has to offer.

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About the Culture Club hero_Jess Gregory

Jess Gregory – Client manager

Our client manager Jess is one of the most organised people you’ll meet. A dab hand at getting to the bottom of clients’ needs, Jess is a super skilled communicator who has a sharp eye and an even sharper spreadsheet.

Jess keeps it simple (and stylish), giving our clients the confidence and clarity they need. And with plenty of client relationship experience under her belt, they’re always in safe hands with Jess.

Nothing would make Jess happier than a pile of kittens and a sweet, sassy cosmo… and getting her hands on the carnage of Nikki’s desk.

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The Culture Club Grace Bush

Grace Bush – Client manager

Grace is super bubbly and happiest when she’s one step ahead of everyone else (which she always is). She loves to make sure stuff gets sorted and does so with a smile on her face. Basically if you want something done, ask Grace!

Grace loves being part of a team as it’s where she’s at her best – especially when she can organise minds and schedules to deliver awesome work that nails the client brief, on budget and on time.

Another clubber with a passion for food, she even grows her own veg and flowers in her allotment. And when she’s not using her green fingers she’s out on those twinkle toes, swing dancing.

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Rich Webster the Culture Club

Rich Webster – Creative Director

Rich has a rare mix of high creative originality, trustworthy instincts and engagement expertise.

Rich knows and practices the art of creative play, whether through conversation, ideas, campaigns or brainstorms. Unafraid to hold up the truth through his work, he is a continual self-reflector and developer himself – making him honest, authentic and brilliant.

He will always give you something to think about: whether it’s a new angle, insight or provocative truth – be prepared to have your mind changed. When he’s not down a rabbit hole of some people-related learning topic, you’ll find him cycling around mountains on his bicycle.

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Ange McGreevy

Ange McGreevy – Client Manager

The human version of a springer spaniel, our Client Manager Ange is a perpetual ball of enthusiasm. She’s a dab hand at solving problems and loves getting stuck into high-energy workshops with clients.

Ange’s superpower lies in her ability to understand clients, all down to her brilliant communication skills and commitment to delivering above and beyond. She’s super calm under pressure and, in another life, could have been a paramedic.

Outside of work you’ll often find Ange scrambling up a hill, swimming in the sea, or planning her next adventure. Fun fact: Ange has a unique talent – she can lick her own elbow!

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Gareth Bradnock – Client Manager

Meet Gareth, our go-to guy for spreading good vibes and brightening your day. Gareth gets a real kick out of problem-solving and has a knack for guiding teams toward those glorious “Aha!” moments. He’s a social butterfly and will always bring a fresh perspective and a touch of humour to any project.

Gareth’s a sports fanatic, a proud supporter of the Welsh rugby team and a die-hard Man United fan. But for him, nothing beats chasing the holy grail – Glastonbury festival.

Don’t challenge him to a breath-holding competition; Gareth’s been known to hold his breath for an incredible 7 minutes!

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Karen Shakespeare-Fletcher – Executive Assistant

We can’t imagine The Culture Club without Karen. She’s our go-to meeting and event planner, keeping us organised and ensuring we’re in the right place at the right time.

Karen thrives on teamwork and embraces new challenges to keep things exciting. She enjoys working closely with people, making even the most mundane tasks enjoyable.

Outside of work, Karen likes to spend weekends on motorhome road trips with her husband, Mark, and their fun-loving labradoodle, Beau. And, interesting fact: Karen is related to THE William Shakespeare.

About the Culture Club hero_Basil

Basil – Resident pup

Basil is the Culture Club’s resident pup and social butterfly. As Nikki’s sidekick and partner in crime, he’s a real “people-pupper” and there’s not a soul he won’t befriend.

He has a penchant for licking ankles and is off the scale on the fluffometer – general consensus is he should be a dog model (next stop, Crufts). Basil responds particularly well to ‘chicken’, and less so to ‘walkies’. He’s often seen schmoozing the local residents of Gather Round Bristol using his alluring, puppy dog eyes to get his favourite treats.

“The Culture Club add value to our team by understanding our business and culture and translating that into engaging content that resonates with people. Also doing that in a way that feels authentic and fun. They are amazing to partner with – great at challenging us and just as invested in the outcome.”

Rachel Jaikaran

The Culture Club rules

We’re not a fan of strict rules and regulations (we’re not that kind of business),
but our five Club rules guide what we do:

1. Keep it simple
2. Know it matters
3. Ask great questions
4. Roll your sleeves up
5. Laugh at least once a day

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