Workshops and skill building

We workshop with you

Imagine a workshop or training session planned around you. Your ambitions, your challenges, even your team’s personalities and schedules. All led by a culture clubber who’ll guide conversations, keep everything on track, and make sure everyone’s crystal clear on their actions afterwards.

How we help with workshops and skill building

There’s no one-size-fits all corporate time-wasting here at the Culture Club – just results-focused and dare-we-say-it fun interactive sessions that help you make the good stuff happen. We’ll work with you to define what you need to achieve, before designing personalised sessions to deliver in a format that works for you. As co-founder Jodi says:


“It’s not just a talking shop but a way to share ideas – it’s about using our expertise to bring conversations to conclusions that can help teams make things happen!”


In a nutshell, it’s all about adding that injection of external expertise and facilitation to help your people be their very best.

Have something big like your communication, culture and engagement strategy to plan? Get off on the right track with a fun, creative workshop session. As well as the clarity and calm an external perspective can bring, we promise to guide and lead you through from brainstorming to clear next steps.


How we do it 

It’s our bread and butter to help people get strategies, plan and roll out activities to help teams change their company culture – so you can relax and focus on the thinking whilst we keep everyone on track.

“What a great couple of days! Just to say that I’ve loved working with you all at The Culture Club and thank you for all your support. It has been great fun!”

Raffaella Addis

What does that mean for you?

Engaging, energising workshops to tackle your challenges with ideas and practical actions you can take away. Investing the time to ‘be the client’ gives space for quality exploration that will supercharge your plans, while workshops designed around your unique situation means outcomes and actions will really work for your team and organisation.

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