The Clubhouse Presents: How Can You Trust Me?

News | 14.02.2022

The Clubhouse Presents: How Can You Trust Me?

The Clubhouse Presents: How Can You Trust Me? – a lively, practical & interactive evening for IC, HR and company culture professionals. Book your place here.

About How Can You Trust Me?

Join The Culture Club and our guest speaker Martin le Comte – Facilitation and Delivery Lead at Natwest, speaker, and author of The ten Golden Rules of Leadership – for The Clubhouse Presents: How can you trust me?

This is an in-person event where we’ll get under the skin of one of the industry’s hottest topics. Using one of Martin’s favourite 5-step relationship models we’ll tackle the concept of Trust – What is it? Why do you need it? And how on earth do you build it?

Martin will share insights, real-life lessons, and practical tips he’s gained whilst leading teams during his 25 years in the industry.

We’ll cover:

  • An understanding of what Trust is (and what it’s not).
  • Why it’s more important to be interested than interesting.
  • The impact of not following through on your promises.
  • Practical tips and real-life examples on how you can build trust in your organisation straight away.

And perhaps a story or 2 about Martin’s jaunts on the podium or his appearance in a pop video!

About Martin le Comte

With over 25 years experience making more than a few mistakes (and learning from them!) Martin put pen to paper in The ten Golden Rules of Leadership. Apart from coffee and his daughter Rae, he still gets his biggest buzz when a leader has ‘a donk’ moment and they just get it…

Martin currently leads the facilitation and delivery team for NatWest Group.

When and where?

The Clubhouse Presents: How Can You Trust Me? is an in-person event at Menier Venues London on Thursday 24 March, from 5pm. Tickets are £12 each. Light refreshments will be provided.


**How can you trust me? is for HR/IC and company culture practitioners only.**