Average to A+ book review

Book club | 30.09.2019

Average to A+ – Alex Linley

The Culture Club founder and culture specialist, Nikki, summarises her key takeaways in our book review of ‘Average to A+‘ by Alex Linley.

What is Average to A+ all about?

Average to A+ is a brilliant introduction to strengths. It’s a rare combination of theory and practice that brings positive psychology to life in a credible, accessible and applicable way.

Who is it for? 

Individuals looking to understand more about how to spot and deploy their own strengths, either at work or in life. If you’re a leader or HR practitioner interested in how strengths can be applied to help bring out the very best in people, read this book!

“When we realise our strengths we are becoming the best we are capable of being.”

Light bulb moments 

Strengths and growth mindset

Making the most of your strengths requires a growth mindset. Strengths can be grown, developed and built; just like anything else. If you take a strengths assessment and certain strengths come out on top, it doesn’t mean they will never change. It simply means that they are centre stage at that point in time. By adopting a growth mindset, you can focus on your strengths and choose how you want or need to develop going forward.

Strengths and new, good habits

Try using an identified strength in a new and different way for one week. An experiment showed that people who did this continued doing it for months later and reported increased happiness.

Strengths and endless opportunities at work

There are so many ways that strengths can be used at work. Unlocking the untapped potential of your unrealised strengths, crafting your role to better suit your strengths, or finding complementary partnerships to support each other’s learned behaviours and weaknesses.

Would you like to read Average to A+?

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Average to A+ book review