Powered By Purpose - Sarah Rozenthuler

Book club | 08.03.2021

Powered by Purpose – Sarah Rozenthuler

Our book shelf is always bursting at the seams with the latest reads. So, in the spirit of sharing, we decided to create a book club. Read on for our review of Sarah Rozenthuler’s latest book, ‘Powered by Purpose’.

What is Powered by Purpose all about?

Purpose is fast becoming one of the most important priorities for organisations across the world. Sarah Rozenthuler’s ‘Powered by Purpose’ is packed with evidence and research as well as practical advice to help organisations start their journey to becoming purposeful. And we mean actually purposeful, not just defining a purpose statement. 

Who is it for?

It’s a great how to guide for any business leader who’s looking to build a positive, meaningful and sustainable future for their organisation.

Light bulb moments


I’ve always found that the purpose is easy to say, but quite difficult to explain. This book helps to define the concept. Most importantly it builds the business case for it, and clarifies that Purpose is not just about writing a statement. Being purposeful means: 

“Having a clear, compelling and authentic purpose that contributes to long-term wellbeing, guides day-to-day decision making, and engages and energises people to do great work”


As well as clarifying the concept, the book also offers a set of capabilities designed to help leaders and their organisations embed purpose. They are leadership presence, authentic dialogue, engaging stakeholders and connecting on purpose. The four capabilities all play an important role in becoming a purposeful business.  

Cleaning the fish tank

Organisations are extremely busy places. With so much change happening all the time, employees can feel anxious or fatigued by more disruption. To create positive change and an environment that energises people, first you must clean the fish tank. Say goodbye to the things that are making the water murky.  

Would you like to read this book?

Once we’ve finished reading a book, we share the headlines and then pass it on to anyone who wants to read it – just send us a message and we’ll pop it in the post. Once you’re done with it, you can either let it live forever on your shelf or share it with someone new.

As always, if you’d like to read this book, email nikki@wearethecultureclub.co.uk. We’ll pop it in the post to the first person who asks.

Powered By Purpose - Sarah Rozenthuler

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