Corporate Rebels - Joost Minnaar and Pim De Morree

Book club | 31.03.2020

Corporate Rebels – Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree

Joost and Pim AKA the Corporate Rebels have been on tour, ticking off their bucket list of progressive thought leaders and organisations who are all on a mission to make work better. Their first book Corporate Rebels – Making Work More Fun shares what they’ve learned so far.

What is Corporate Rebels all about?

The book is a journal of things the rebels have seen and experienced from their time with pioneers from around the world. The Corporate Rebels describe eight trends they see in the most progressive organisations as well as offering an inside look at some of the forward-thinking things these businesses are doing. There are examples from all kinds of organisations and industries, giving a great source of inspiration for how we can all make work more fun.

Who is it for?

This one’s for you if you work in organisational development, HR or engagement. Or simply a rebel who wants to start a movement…

Lightbulb moments

1. It is possible

I read Corporate Rebels about a month ago – before the Covid-19 lockdown. Why does that matter? At that time, most of us were still working 9-5 in an office and had relatively low flexibility in how, when and where we work. The eight trends seemed quite out of reach.

Fast-forward just three weeks, and the way we work is entirely different. An external event has made us rethink how we work. Whilst that has caused huge disruption, it’s also shown that the way we work doesn’t have to be in a certain place, at a certain time and in a certain way. It’s taken a pandemic to force our hand, but it shows that it is possible for us all to work with greater freedom, autonomy and trust.

2. It is for everyone

Many critics are quick to shut down progressive practices because their businesses are too big, too complex or too regulated. You don’t have to jump directly to removing all hierarchy, or letting people choose their own salaries overnight. Even the biggest and most complex businesses can try and test things that work for them. Try small steps, with small groups, and take it from there.

3. It is the right time

We’ve all had to be creative and innovative with how we work. It’s been amazing to see how companies and employees have been creative in setting up new ways of working. Now is a good time to reflect on the eight trends and think about how you can use this opportunity. Can you make work better, in a way that will outlive the odd few months ahead?

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Corporate Rebels - Joost Minnaar & Pim De Morree