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Travelport: ‘Change is for the Brave’ Leadership Event

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How do you create a culture of bravery and innovation in one of the industries most rocked by the pandemic?


After a challenging two years that changed the fate and face of many travel businesses, Travelport wanted a dynamic leadership event to reconnect and inspire senior teams.


Travelport is a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide. Operating in more than 180 countries around the world, they are focused on driving innovation that simplifies the complex travel ecosystem, and they aren’t afraid of making gutsy changes.


The travel industry suffered more than many others during the pandemic. After the long period of uncertainty and remote working, it was time to reconnect leaders in a memorable and meaningful way. Travelport wanted an event that would give leaders the confidence to make change happen.

They came to The Culture Club with a bold event idea: Change is for the Brave, with three key aims:

1. Set a clear and compelling vision for the future of Travelport and its people.

2. Create clarity on Travelport’s direction – the what and the how.

3. Inspire and galvanise leaders, giving them the tools they need to communicate, coordinate and guide the business’s strategic direction.

“The Culture Club’s expert direction and advice was invaluable. Their attention to detail, and flair for the fabulous really helped make our first face to face kick off in two years go with a bang.”

Anne Kerr Global Head of Internal Communications
Travelport Leadership event audience


It was all about creating a fluid and dynamic atmosphere to inject creativity and energy. So, with a bold challenge set, we created an immersive agenda that pulled no punches:

  • A high-volume, big energy opener from Drum Cafe to start the day off on a high.
  • Games and challenges designed to create one-to-one and group connections.
  • Breakout spaces and distinct zones to allow leaders to strategise and discuss the key imperatives for the year ahead.
  • Huge creative banners to fill the event space and give the feel of a VIP festival of ideas.
  • Pick-me-up activities – like human bingo and a story slam – to keep energy levels high and leaders to stay focused.
  • TED Talk-style sessions to provoke conversations around brave leadership.
  • Astronaut Tim Peake to speak on leadership in tough situations.
Travelport Leadership event


Here’s how the leaders scored the event out of 5.


“The event has helped inspire and energise me to deliver my role as part of Travelport’s leadership coalition”


“I now have a better connection with my Leadership Coalition peers.”


“I now have a clear understanding of our vision and 2022 focus.”


“I’m now better able to share our 2022 story with our people.”

Two-minute Takeaway: Leadership events

Want top tips for successful leadership engagement event? Here are our must-dos:

Set your objectives: Start by knowing what you want to achieve, then build the event on these foundations. Events need purpose and people want practical and tangible outcomes.

Do the unexpected: Breaking from convention can really change people’s experiences – by limiting screens, Travelport encouraged real connections, and helped leaders feel more in the moment.

Impact is priceless: Never underestimate the power of a zoned, dressed space – invest in setting the scene and make it something people will remember.

Power of play: Encourage laughter, bonding, and a general feel-good atmosphere with some fresh out-of-comfort zone activities.

“From start to finish it was outstanding. Such a great experience! I’m proud to be a part of this leadership team.”

Peg Cassidy GVP and General Legal Counsel

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